By Enrico Duranti, President ASSILEA

Automotive 4.0 is the ultimate frontier of an Industry whose aim is to invest and compete on the global market and leasing stands out to get combined with both elements. Automotive and hi-tech are now strictly connected. Infotainment and automatic driving, as well as integrated services (e.g. reservation procedures or car sharing), transport of people with reduced mobility, etc. Leasing can make the difference in such a field, as well as for the assets industry, thanks to its flexible mindset. Results are encouraging: more than a half of contracts that have been signed in this business concerns the car industry and, despite the decreasing number of enrolments, 2018 has been closed with a +4,1% in comparison to the previous year. The driving force of the field in represented by long-term car rental service (+6,2%) and commercial vehicles leasing formulas (+7,3%). Info-telematics and digital services will be the key words for the future of Leasing. It is not by chance that such topics have been the focal point of LEASE2019, the leasing and car rental exhibition of 20-21st of last March. A window has been opened on the future with the topic of the Internet of Things. From utilities to finance, from production to Public Administrations, we have offered a new vision of the fields in which Analytics and Big Data can be exploited at their best, with particular attention to the adoption of IoT technologies by leasing and renting companies and professionals.

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